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Our mission is to rescue at-risk dogs from kill shelters in South Florida

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The Humane Society of Florida has many wonderful dogs for adoption. Some pure breeds but mostly mixes; small, medium, and large. All of our pets have been spayed or neutered, vet checked, and come with all necessary vaccinations. An adoption application and agreement has to be completed and accepted before any animal leaves our care. There is a donation required which serves as our adoption fee.

All of our dogs come from local kill shelters around the state. Most have been rescued from a municipal shelter where they were awaiting their fate as the days counted down. We are a foster care based group with affiliates in several locations throughout South Florida and all of our dogs are housed within our homes.

No Surrender Policy - We have never and we will not consider accepting surrendered pets from the public for any reason. The Humane Society of Florida recognizes that pet surrender is an unfortunate reality but that does not mean that we condone it or nor that we will enable those who have chosen to seek this alternative to proper care of animals. Please do not call us if you are seeking to renege on your responsibility to your pet.